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Why Rent?

When is it RIGHT to RENT?


When you need expensive equipment for a few hours, a day, a week or even a month. Specialized tools & equipment that may not be needed again once the job is complete.

Seasonal or Peak-Period:

A period of unusually high activity in operations. Temporary heat when it’s cold. Lawn & Garden Maintenance equipment.

When Maximum Production is Needed:

One call to take care of all tool & equipment needs. Speedy delivery available to save time. No repair or maintenance required. Fast response if a maintenance issue develops.

When Having the Right Tool is Important

Purchased tools are often used for jobs they may not be suited for just because you own them. Renting ensures the best match for the job.

When Maintenance & Repair Issues are not Wanted

Renting generally includes all wear & tear and regular maintenance in the cost of the rental.

When Cash Flow is Important

Renting frees up money to fund other parts of the project or for other more profitable uses.

The Advantages of Renting

Renting allows a company to remain flexible & nimble.

Through periods of rapid growth, there is access to additional tools & equipment that are put to work immediately.

Through periods of recessionary or uncertain times, overhead can be reduced quickly by returning items no longer needed.

When is it RIGHT to PURCHASE?

If the tool & equipment will be used frequently, and for the life of the item in a reasonable period of time.

If the return on the investment of the equipment is greater than the return you could get if the money was used elsewhere.

If you can work around periodic downtime for maintenance & repairs.

If you have secure warehousing & storage space when the equipment is idle.